Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy October everyone!
It will soon be time for the spooks, goblins, ghosts and witches to start roaming the streets!
I love this time of year (except the the leaf raking that I'll have to begin soon).

The thought of eating a caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has my mouth watering already. They are a bit pricey, but are worth every penny!

And who doesn't love apple cider?

I've been busy buying Halloween items to list in my booths. It's hard to find Halloween at other times of the year. I can find a few things at yard sales during the summer, but other than that I have to wait until the thrift stores put out their Halloween items. As soon as I buy a few items, I'm taking pictures of the items and getting them listed. I listed several items the last two days and hope to get more listed tomorrow.

I have a widget posted on the left side of my blog that shows the Halloween items that I have for sale in The Eclectic Attic.

I have a few Disney Halloween items to list in Disney Mania. I hope to get them listed tomorrow. I decorate my home with Disney Halloween items, so what I have to sale are duplicates, costumes or patterns.

At the moment I have the following items listed in Disney Mania.


That's all from me for now. Please visit my booths at least to check out my Halloween booth banners!

Any and all sales are always appreciated!

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